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Green Juice Presentation @ Berkeley SDA

Just did an our 2nd green juice presentation at Berkeley SDA on July 31st, and it went awesome! We had around 20 people there that had green juice (many for the first time)! Sounds like a bunch will start drinking green juice! check out the pictures below!

berkeley sda presentation

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Sean Wycliffe’s Green Smoothie Recipe

Before you begin:

-You will need a blender – preferably a high powered one, such as a VitaMix
-You will need ice for the first batch
-This recipe is for a large blender
-You will need some small plastic bags for storage and 2 large gallon Ziploc bag to freeze the vegetables.

green smoothie
Ingredients to buy at a great grocery store:

-Buy as fresh as you can
-Buy as organic as you can
-This is a list of what to buy – Read More