Grow your own strawberries – way better than farmers’ markets

We planted a strawberry plant about 8 months ago. While we initially didn’t know that much about gardening, this plant was soon yielding 8-15 strawberries every week! It’s been doing this for the last 5-6 months, and I’m wondering if this will continue into the winter.


The strawberries are simply amazing. Even though farmer’s markets have the freshest and best strawberries you can buy, due to packaging and the transporting of the berries, many of the berries are typically damaged and squished. Many of the berries are also either too ripe or not ripe enough. The benefit with growing your own is that you can harvest them at the optimal time and eat them immediately.

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One thing that I learned was that supermarket strawberries are typically harvested before they are ripe, resulting in a white middle to the berry. I had thought that this was just how strawberries are for the past 10 years, until we had a great experience at a farm stand where we saw what a real berry should look like. When you grow your own, you can pick the berries when they are ripe, and your berries will be 100% red throughout. They taste so much better, and I will hopefully never buy strawberries from a store ever again.

To grow, just make sure that the berries get sun, water them every few days (unless it rains), and make sure the leaves are nice and green (cut off those that have holes or are browning). You can put some organic fertilizer on the plants to get things moving, but they will soon take care of themselves. Let us know if you have any questions about growing strawberries!

more strawberries

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