Concord Grapes – Simply the Best!

I had these grapes for the first time a few weeks ago – they are amazing! They are of the rarer slip-skin variety, and were cultivated in Concord, Massachusetts in 1849. Brought to fame by Dr. Welch when he invited our modern day grape juice, these concords are now grown through the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

concord grapes

The skin is sour, and there is a thin veil of super-sweet juice surrounding the tarty meat of the fruit. 2-3 small seeds are in the middle. I was amazed at how great these little guys are. Apparently, since their juice squirts out easily, they have lost much popularity because they can stain clothes easily. In addition, since they are more fragile than typical grapes and since they have seeds, these grapes are next to impossible to find in a typical grocery store (even in health food stores). I’ve been lucky since a local farmer has been bringing in droves of this stuff – and I’ve been buying it hand over fist!

What do you think about concord grapes? Let us know!

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