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Agave Soda Invention – make it at home!

I bought some Agave nectar from Trader Joe’s the other month and haven’t really used it. Yesterday, Channchi brought me some club soda from her work. I figured, why not mix the two? The outcome is pretty awesome – the Agave not only naturally and organically sweetens the drink without providing loads of sugar but also creates a taste somewhat like a mix between Coke and cream soda.

agave soda

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Sean Wycliffe’s Green Smoothie Recipe

Before you begin:

-You will need a blender – preferably a high powered one, such as a VitaMix
-You will need ice for the first batch
-This recipe is for a large blender
-You will need some small plastic bags for storage and 2 large gallon Ziploc bag to freeze the vegetables.

green smoothie
Ingredients to buy at a great grocery store:

-Buy as fresh as you can
-Buy as organic as you can
-This is a list of what to buy – Read More