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Grow your own strawberries – way better than farmers’ markets

We planted a strawberry plant about 8 months ago. While we initially didn’t know that much about gardening, this plant was soon yielding 8-15 strawberries every week! It’s been doing this for the last 5-6 months, and I’m wondering if this will continue into the winter.


The strawberries are simply amazing. Even though farmer’s markets have the freshest and best strawberries you can buy, due to packaging and the transporting of the berries, many of the berries are typically damaged and Read More

Concord Grapes – Simply the Best!

I had these grapes for the first time a few weeks ago – they are amazing! They are of the rarer slip-skin variety, and were cultivated in Concord, Massachusetts in 1849. Brought to fame by Dr. Welch when he invited our modern day grape juice, these concords are now grown through the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

concord grapes

The skin is sour, and there is a thin veil of super-sweet juice surrounding the Read More