Agave Soda Invention – make it at home!

I bought some Agave nectar from Trader Joe’s the other month and haven’t really used it. Yesterday, Channchi brought me some club soda from her work. I figured, why not mix the two? The outcome is pretty awesome – the Agave not only naturally and organically sweetens the drink without providing loads of sugar but also creates a taste somewhat like a mix between Coke and cream soda.

agave soda

I also checked online for Agave soda, and the only things that popped up dealt with sodas that used Agave to sweeten instead of sugar that also had an additional taste such as Ginger Ale or Cola. So, nothing that was pure Agave and carbonated water. I should patent this thing!

agave syrup

I just used two tablespoons Agave nectar and one cup of club soda. What do you think? Have you tried this?

agave soda mix

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