About Us

Don’t have enough time to eat your vegetables, too lazy or just outright don’t like them?

Why stress about eating your greens when you can just blend them? Green smoothies are so nutrient dense, low calories, easy to digest, plus its quick and easy to make!

The list of benefits are endless. The greens are predigest, its easy on the teeth, jaw, and stomach to digest and absorb the nutrients.

To begin on this journey we encourage you to just start with light green vegetables like spinach and some apples, banana and water. Blend them up with the blender you have accessible.

As you go on, we encourage you to invest in a nice powerful blender. we strongly recommend VitaMix, its powerful, very easy to clean, it will last you a long time and it will allow you to experiment with various other fruits and vegetables.

Our favorite recipe includes avocado, banana, apple, pineapple, cantaloupe, collard green, kale, Chinese broccoli, tomatoes, mint, and half a lemon. The mint and lemon helps mask the taste of the dark green vegetables like Chinese broccoli. Generally 40% greens and 60% fruits is a good rule of thumb. Don’t forget to add a cup of water or some ice-cubs.

Feel free to experiment with various kinds of greens out there and whatever fruits is in season at the time.

As you start to see the radical changes that this smoothies have on your daily life, we encourage you to pay it forward by setting a goal of introducing at least 5 people to this new way of life.

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