Agave Soda Invention – make it at home!

I bought some Agave nectar from Trader Joe’s the other month and haven’t really used it. Yesterday, Channchi brought me some club soda from her work. I figured, why not mix the two? The outcome is pretty awesome – the Agave not only naturally and organically sweetens the drink without providing loads of sugar but also creates a taste somewhat like a mix between Coke and cream soda.

agave soda

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Green Juice Presentation @ Berkeley SDA

Just did an our 2nd green juice presentation at Berkeley SDA on July 31st, and it went awesome! We had around 20 people there that had green juice (many for the first time)! Sounds like a bunch will start drinking green juice! check out the pictures below!

berkeley sda presentation

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Sean Wycliffe’s Green Smoothie Recipe

Before you begin:

-You will need a blender – preferably a high powered one, such as a VitaMix
-You will need ice for the first batch
-This recipe is for a large blender
-You will need some small plastic bags for storage and 2 large gallon Ziploc bag to freeze the vegetables.

green smoothie
Ingredients to buy at a great grocery store:

-Buy as fresh as you can
-Buy as organic as you can
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Grow your own mint – very easy and fun

We set up a mint plant a few months back, and it’s been fun. Mint is easy to grow – make sure to give the mint its own pot, or else it will spread everywhere. It just needs some sun and water a few times a week, and it will grow large and fast.

It’s better to grow your own so that you pick and use the right amount. Grocery stores typically sell crappy mint or great mint in a big bunch, often too big for only 1 or 2 uses. Usually, you will end up throwing out half of what you buy.

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Grow your own strawberries – way better than farmers’ markets

We planted a strawberry plant about 8 months ago. While we initially didn’t know that much about gardening, this plant was soon yielding 8-15 strawberries every week! It’s been doing this for the last 5-6 months, and I’m wondering if this will continue into the winter.


The strawberries are simply amazing. Even though farmer’s markets have the freshest and best strawberries you can buy, due to packaging and the transporting of the berries, many of the berries are typically damaged and Read More

Concord Grapes – Simply the Best!

I had these grapes for the first time a few weeks ago – they are amazing! They are of the rarer slip-skin variety, and were cultivated in Concord, Massachusetts in 1849. Brought to fame by Dr. Welch when he invited our modern day grape juice, these concords are now grown through the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

concord grapes

The skin is sour, and there is a thin veil of super-sweet juice surrounding the Read More

Getting Ready for Presentation Tomorrow at Grand Ave SDA

Getting ready for the Green Juice presentation at the Grand Ave. SDA Church tomorrow! We made 6 vitamix’s worth and will blend 2 more tomorrow! Can’t wait!


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